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DiabloFans Guilds: Brotherhood of Destruction • European Division • SICK • Sons of Ohr

Brotherhood of Destruction is a Clan with a strong commitment to respect for its members and the community as a whole. We focus on maintaining a pleasant playing atmosphere, and include players of all playing styles and skill levels. The Brotherhood's goal is to unite players from all realms under a common theme: the playing of Diablo 2 LoD and Diablo 3 upon its release.

Brotherhood of Destruction

Established February 8, 2010
Game(s) Covered Diablo II, Diablo III
Website At DiabloFans - Private Forums
Current Leader Nektu
Current Members 15 (USWest), 15 (USEast), 19 (Europe)
Battle.net Play? Yes


Who are BoD? The Brotherhood of Destruction is founded and maintained by, Nektu and Shacker, wanting to start a clan of their own without the restrictions and boundaries of ridiculous rules and expectations placed on clan members. They are the BoD High Counsel.

The Brotherhood is an alliance based on democracy where each member has a voice and a vote. Each item up for vote is open for discussion. Anything that is brought before the clan for vote will either pass or fail pending the majority. In case of a tie, the High Counsel will intervene and cast their vote. If it is still at an impasse, the topic will be put aside and voted on again at a later date.

The Brotherhood of Destruction was created to establish a community of Diablo 2 players with the following things in mind:

  • D2 is much more fun when played with other people. This is the main objective of our clan.
  • Since we want to have fun while playing D2, we don't want to have to deal with rude people.
  • Real life comes before D2 and the clan, so there are no ridiculous rules or unnecessary expectations.
  • To establish an active and familiar core of members to transition to Diablo 3 upon its release.


Here are some of the main things our clan likes to do:

  • Help with transfers, rushes, leveling
  • Gaming together: MF, PvP, Hardcore, Keys/Organs/Ubers, DClone, etc.
  • Forum to discuss builds, trades, strategies, and just BS
  • Channel to meet in and set up games


All new members will go through a 3 week probation period. They will be reviewed on forum activity and Battle.net activity. Current members will vote ye or nay on whether or not the probationary member is the right fit for the Clan. Applicants who do not pass this period can re-apply after a month's time if they choose to do so.

We have this application process because we want people who really enjoy playing the game, not those who just want to be part of a huge clan. We are all fans of this game. We enjoy gaming with one another. We are a Brotherhood. The advantage of us having a probationary period for new members is that it gives new members a chance to see if we are the right fit for them, and it gives us a chance to see if they are the right fit for us.

Please visit the Application Thread at DiabloFans.com or the Application Section of our private forum to apply. Both options are checked regularly.