Blood Clan Warrior

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Blood Clan Warriors are the infantry of the Blood Clan Khazra. Unlike their counterparts found throughout Sanctuary, the Blood Clan joined Azmodan's army where they were mutated by the Sin Lord's power. These mutations over doubled their size and gave them unimaginable strength so that yielding weapons was no longer required as their pounding fists were far more effective. Often they act as distractions while the majority of the damage is done by their brethren Blood Clan Spearman but their physical damage should never be under estimated. It is very easy to become surrounded by these fearsome creatures and without taking proper action you can quickly find your hero being crushed under their fists.

Previous Versions

Their attacks used to knockback and flinch players with a high success rate and were able to be chained making them extremely dangerous foes. If a player was backed against a wall without a recovery move it was certain death as they would never be able to act. A patch removed their knockback on attack and a later patch removed flinching altogether greatly reducing the difficulty of such monsters. Now they are one of the least threatening monsters in the areas they are found.