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Blood Clan Spearman are the spear-throwers of the Blood Clan Khazra. Unlike their counterparts found throughout Sanctuary, the Blood Clan joined Azmodan's army where they were mutated by the Sin Lord's power. These mutations slimed their form down making them more agile and gave them an extra head allowing them to aim more precisely resulting in them dealing higher damage and moving faster at the cost of durability. As such they are often found depending on the support of melee monsters such as their Blood Clan Warrior brethren to take the damage from the party while they dish out considerable damage. It is unwise to ignore them during combat as you can quickly find large numbers gathering in the area around the making health management difficult.


  • Evasive
    Will try and keep distance from the party to avoid taking melee damage. Will also move erratically to try and evade range attacks.





Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes

Odeg the Keywarden of Regret.png

Odeg the Keywarden of Regret Evasive Khazra Brute

Blood Clan Spearman

e has a chance of dropping Infernal Machine (Level 60-69), Infernal Machine of Regret (Level 70).