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Blood Clan Shaman are the spell casters of the Blood Clan Khazra. Unlike their counterparts found throughout Sanctuary, the Blood Clan joined Azmodan's army where they were mutated by the Sin Lord's power. These mutations turned them fat with demonic energy, considerably improving their ability to cast spells and move around. They deal very high damage with their ranged bolt attack and can cast Demonic Sheld on other monsters which considerably reduce the damage the monster takes. Even one can greatly slow progress if the shield is cast on tough monsters such as Elites or massive monsters. Fortunately they only come in small pack sizes but if care is not taken to manage their numbers it is easy for the party to become overwhelmed by their abilities.

By far the most difficult aspect of this family is the Demonic Shield ability. Elites and massive monsters benefit most from the shield due to their very high health turning a quick fight into a long drawn out battle. It is often best to ignore engaged Elite monsters to focus on taking out the Shaman to get rid of the shield support. Although it cannot be cast on self, it can be cast on other Blood Clan Shaman making Champion packs especially annoying as they often remain shield for extended periods of time and due to their Evasive nature they often take far longer to kill than most elites. If the shield is cast on a Treasure Goblin then there is a high chance you will fail to kill it in time, especially in high Monster Power Inferno sessions.


  • Evasive
    Will try and keep distance from the party to avoid taking melee damage. Will also move erratically to try and evade range attacks.
  • Demonic Shield
    Casts a demonic shield on a non-self monster. The shield lasts for many seconds and greatly reduces the damage taken from the party.
  • Demonic Heal
    Heals a friendly target some life.