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Binkles the Frog

Fan Lore

“Come gather people of Tristram and listen to a tale, the hero we know, as Binkles...

A frog of might, a heroic delight;
Binkles’ the Demon Slayer.

He is a legend about this place;
Fighting hellish minions for all.
He has the strength of an epic mace;
and his croak blows holes in walls.

He hops about town licking enemies to the ground;
Binkles’ the Demon Slayer.

Some say a man hidden from sight;
well others a frog with demonic blood.
One thing we know, he murders with delight;
And brings a curse upon the evil crud.

Protects us and heals, kills with skill;
Binkles’ the Demon Slayer.

A masked hero working for good;
seeking no reward or fame.
Punishing those that brings the flood
of evil that comes from hell’s domain.

Our Streets are safe; Thanks to our savior;
Binkles’ the Demon Slayer.
A champion forever, a hero of the night;
Binkle’s the Demon Slayer.

A song from a traveling musician...” - Sir Leeodin