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Belial Portrait.png
Title Lord of Lies
the Darkener of Caldeum and Sanctuary
leader of the deceivers
Chief infiltration specialist
Hell intelligence
Master of Deception
Lord of Hell
Lord of Evil
Gender Male
Affiliation Burning Hells
Relatives Azmodan (brother)
Andariel (sister)
Duriel (brother)
Mephisto (mentor)
Tathamet (father)
Baal (brother)
Diablo (brother)
Rathma (grandnephew)
Tyrael (brother-in-law)
Auriel (sister-in-law)
Malthael (brother-in-law)
Itherael (brother-in-law)
Imperius (brother-in-law)
Anu (father-in-law)
Grimspike (lieutenant)
Status Merged with Diablo's essence
Appearances Diablo III
Diablo I

"Belial, Lord of Lies, is the most elusive of the seven Evils and is a master of deceit. It is said that he manipulated Azmodan into revolt against the Prime Evils. This began the Burning Hells' civil war, which ended with the Dark Exile of the Prime Evils to our mortal realm."

Deckard Cain

Belial, The Lord of Lies is one of the Lesser Evils along with Azmodan, Andariel and Duriel. Along with Azmodan he exiled the three Prime Evils to Sanctuary, after which a civil war broke out between the two Lesser Evils over the control of the Burning Hells. Belial quickly lost the war after just two decades, and it is unknown whether he submitted to Azmodan after that. He is the ruler of the Realm of Lies in the Burning Hells.

He appears in Act II of Diablo III where he is causing trouble in Caldeum.


As with all of the Great Evils, Belial was spawned from one of the seven heads of Tathamet. He ruled over the Realm of Lies in Hell.

The Dark Exile

The Lesser Evils came to be discontent with the Prime Evils' focus on humanity after the events of the Sin War, furious that the Great Conflict had been apparently abandoned. In the midst of this period, Belial and Azmodan saw a chance to overthrow the Prime Evils and take control of Hell for themselves. They made pacts with their fellow brethren, assuring them that humanity would not stand in their way in the course of the Great Conflict. The civil war that followed was bloody, but it concluded with the Prime Evils being banished to the mortal realm.[1]

One account states that as the fires of battle died down, Belial and Azmodan began to argue over which of them held higher authority. The pact they had made dissolved and the two took up arms against each other, polarizing the factions of Hell along with them.[1] Others say however, that there was no falling out, and that the two began conspiring to subjugate all life to their will.

The Order

Shortly after the Dark Exile, Belial would eventually turn his own sights to Sanctuary. As the Prime Evils wreaked havoc across Sanctuary, Belial observed the intervention of Tyrael with great interest. Witnessing the formation of the Horadrim, Belial would slowly conduct his own machinations to corrupt humanity. Belial debased many humans, but vested time and effort into one Garreth Rau. An orphan with a spark of nephalem legacy in his blood, Rau was twisted by the Lord of Lies, becoming a powerful dark mage in servitude to Hell. Garreth Rau's personality and memories were overwritten with the persona of the Dark One, an insidious and jealous mage. The Dark One founded a second order of Horadrim, though twisted by Belial's deceit.

Several years following the destruction of the Worldstone, Belial's agent came into conflict with Deckard Cain. Despite possessing overwhelming power, the Dark One succumbed to Cain's resourcefulness. The persona of the original Garreth Rau briefly resurfaced, and drove himself to suicide.

Belial was enraged at his loss, but he received pleasing news, that of the imminent birth of the boy emperor of Caldeum. Reasoning that a better approach to achieve his ends would be through cunning and deceit rather than brute force, Belial planned to possess the child, using him as a vassal to take over Kehjistan.[2]

Liar's End

Belial came to Sanctuary and infiltrated the court of Emperor Hakan I of Caldeum. When Hakan I died of illness his son and heir was crowned Emperor Hakan II of Kehjistan. The younger Hakan was much easier to manipulate and Belial held him essentially hostage and eventually possessed him. With control of the emperor he used his new power to cripple and weaken the nation, using the Coven, the remnants of the Triune, to enforce his will and extend his influence. They managed to reach as far as Westmarch.

Here the Coven would come into conflict with the nephalem heroes in a hunt for the shards of the Sword of Justice. During the course of these events their leader, Maghda, killed Deckard Cain and almost killed Tyrael before he was restored by reclaiming his sword.[3]

Following this Tyrael would lead Leah and the nephalem heroes to Caldeum where they sought to end the Coven and Belial. Here the heroes would avenge Cain's death by killing Magdha and then would resurrect Zoltun Kulle so he could lead them to, and finish, the Black Soulstone (upon which Kulle promptly betrayed the heroes and was killed once again).

After this Belial became desparate, raining meteors down upon Caldeum and forcing an evacuation of the city. When the assault ended the nephalem confronted Emperor Hakan II where they revealed they knew he was Belial. The demon lord commended them for their cleverness and proceeded with a threefold attack, first with his minions, than personally fighting and finally transforming into a giant, monstrous version of himself. Despite his vicious attack he was slain and imprisoned within the Black Soulstone, ending his reign of tyranny over Kehjistan.

Physical Appearance

Belial appears to hover with a skeletal frame as a body. He also has two mouths, one on each side of his face, and apparently four eyes, similar to Azmodan.

He can transform into a much greater creature, with two large blade-like hands.

Power and Abilities

Belial uses lies and deception to great effect. He is the most skillful deceiver of all the Great Evils, and distorts others' perception of reality that he may control their actions. His deceptions are reportedly so elaborate that he sometimes gets trapped in them himself.[4]

In Diablo III, after transforming into his 'super' form, he uses his large blade-like appendages to attempt to stomp the player, breathes fire on the arena to damage, and finally unleash a handful of green pools, which deal very large amounts of damage.



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