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The large sluggish Beasts can thrive in any grassland or forest, provided there's enough water. Farmers will recognize these brutes as the savage cousins of the common pack beast, a tame breed that was likely domesticated nearly 2000 years ago. One can hardly imagine the effort that must have taken.

Abd al-Hazir

These creatures are meant to be related to the Horned Ground Sloth but have become highly aggressive due to continued demonic presence. They have gained considerable notoriety for being able to charge party members from off-screen, an action that often results in death. It is ill-advised to stand still when a Beast is not in melee range. Dodge works on all damage from Beasts making it a very useful protective property against them, however the random nature of dodge means it cannot be fully relied on for survival. Minions make great tanks against Beasts as Charge will impact them, even if aimed at a main hero. Charge does area damage on impact so it is best to avoid the party clustering together to reduce the damage it deals.

Hardcore players must take extra care when playing Monster Power Inferno as even very tough characters may struggle to survive being charged multiple times simultaneously. It is recommended to be able to survive at least 2 Charge hits if ranged and 3 Charge hits if melee for safe farming. From time to time you will get hit by Charge from a Beast no yet visible on-screen, thus extra caution is required in areas with them.


Beasts were large animals first seen in the announcement video of Diablo III in the Highlands. They were shown in the Leoric Highlands, which a Witch Doctor entered after leaving the dungeon under Tristram Cathedral.


  • Charge
    After a few seconds channeling, hurtle unstoppably at enormous speed in the target direction. Deals heavy damage with minor knockback in an area around self when bumping into any party member or obstacle. Only used when not in melee combat with a party member. Channeling is advertised with special animation. Unable to change direction when channeling. Channeling can be interrupted by flinching or Crowd Control. Ability is fully dodge-able. After channeling is complete, ability can be canceled by knockback but at the speeds involved this might not prevent a hit.

A Beast using its charge ability.






Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes


Charger The Ground Shall Tremble

Savage Beast

Random spawn in area.