Barracks (Diablo II)

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Act Act I
Waypoint No
Golden Chest No
Super Unique The Smith
Quests Tools of the Trade
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Music Monastery
Area Level
Normal Nightmare Hell
Level 1 9 40 70
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Level 3 {{{Level3}}} {{{Level3N}}} {{{Level3H}}}
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Relative Area Size
Normal Nightmare Hell
Level 1 1 1 1
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The Barracks is a part of the Monastery where The Smith resides. It is adjacent to the Outer Cloister and the Jail.


Monster Immunity Additional
Normal Nightmare Hell
Black Rogue (Diablo II).gif
Black Rogue
- - Cold
Bone Archer (Diablo II).gif
Bone Archer
- - Poison
Bone Fire Mage (Diablo II).gif
Bone Fire Mage
- - Fire
Death Clan (Diablo II).gif
Death Clan
- - -
Devilkin (Diablo II).gif
- - Fire
Devilkin Shaman (Diablo II).gif
Devilkin Shaman
- - Fire
The Smith (Diablo II).gif
The Smith
- - -
Super Unique


Complete the Tools of the Trade:

  • Amazon: "The sisters will be glad to have this back."
  • Assassin: "A malus. This should go to Charsi."
  • Barbarian: "I should take this to Charsi."
  • Druid: "Hm. Charsi will be thankful to get this malus."
  • Necromancer: "All this for a hammer?"
  • Paladin: "This will help the sisters turn the tide against evil."
  • Sorceress: "I hope the sisters appreciate this thing."

The Smith:

  • "I shall make weapons from your bones!"