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Act I

The Fallen Star Quest Log
Kill the risen dead attacking the New Tristram gates. New Tristram. I have journeyed far to reach this place. The foul stench in the air speaks of the dead that have risen to plague this town since the star fell on the old cathedral. I was right to come here. Tristram needs a protector.
Talk to Leah in the Slaughtered Calf Inn at the center of New Tristram. - - / / - -
Kill the Risen in the Slaughtered Calf Inn at the center of New Tristram. - - / / - -
Talk to Leah in the Slaughtered Calf Inn at the center of New Tristram. - - / / - -
Talk to Captain Rumford at the gate to New Tristram. A women named Leah has asked that I deliver New Tristram from the horror that has befallen it. I will speak with Captain Rumford, the leader of the militia, to see what I can do.
Kill the Wretched Mother. Between New Tristram and the ruins to the north, creatures known as wretched mothers and their queen call forth the dead that attack this town. I will head to these ruins, killing the mothers and their foul children.
Kill the Wretched Queen and the Wretched Mothers in the Old Ruins northeast of New Tristram. - - / / - -
Use the Old Ruins Waypoint. I have slaughtered the dead that were attacking New Tristram.
The Legacy of Cain Quest Log
Use the New Tristram Waypoint to go to the Old Ruins. The star fell into the depths beneath the cathedral. I will have to break through armies of the dead to reach it. The girl Leah believes that her uncle, Deckard Cain, still lives. I will find him... or his corpse. She deserves that much.
Go to the Old Tristram Gate. New Tristram's militia thought it could pen the dead in the cathedral. The men were trapped instead, forced back into the hut northeast of Old Tristram, and slaughtered. I must go there and find the key. Only then will I be able to enter the cathedral and search for Deckard Cain.
Find Adria's Hut by following the Old Tristram Road northeast of the Old Ruins. - - / / - -
Search Adria's Hut northeast of the Old Ruins. - - / / - -
Go down the ladder to the Hidden Cellar in Adria's Hut northeast of the Old Ruins. - - / / - -
Explore the Hidden Cellar beneath Adria's Hut. - - / / - -
Kill Captain Daltyn and the Risen in the Hidden Cellar beneath Adria's Hut. - - / / - -
Talk to Leah in the Hidden Cellar beneath Adria's Hut. - - / / - -
Go to the Cathedral. The star fell into the depths beneath the cathedral. I will have to break through armies of the dead to reach it. The girl Leah believes that her uncle, Deckard Cain, still lives. I will find him... or his corpse. She deserves that much.
Descend into the Cathedral Level 1 northeast of Adria's Hut. - - / / - -
Search for signs of Deckard Cain in the Cathedral. The star cleaved this place down to the core. The dead swarm up from the depths like maggots in an old wound. I doubt Cain still lives, but I gave my word to his niece. I will return with him or with his corpse.
Kill the Skeletons attacking Deckard Cain. Cain still lives, but he will not for long without my help.
Talk to Deckard Cain in Leoric's Passage. Cain is though for an old man, Leah will be glad to see him.
Follow Deckard Cain out of Leoric's Passage. - - / / - -
Talk to Leah in New Tristram. - - / / - -
A Shattered Crown Quest Log
Talk to the blacksmith Haedrig Eamon. The Skeleton King has returned, and he controls the dead. His crown is the key to entering his stronghold and defeating him. The blacksmith knows where this crown is hidden.
Kill the Ravenous Dead in the Cellar of the Damned. The blacksmith stands guard over a cellar holding the wounded. His wife is among them. They will all soon join the walking dead. I must help him put them down. The blacksmith cannot do it alone.
Kill Mira Eamon in the Cellar of the Damned in northwest New Tristram. - - / / - -
Talk to Haedrig Eamon in the Cellar of the Damned in northwest New Tristram. My grim work is done. The blacksmith's wife and friends are dead. I must now ask him to help me find the crown of the Skeleton King.
Open the Northwest Gate. The Skeleton King's crown is in the tomb of his chancellor. I will use it to force Leoric into this world and tear him apart.
Find the Cemetery of the Forsaken in the Weeping Hollow northeast of New Tristram. - - / / - -
Search for the Chancellor's Altar in the Defiled Crypts beneath the Cemetery of the Forsaken. - - / / - -
Kill Chancellor Eamon in the Chancellor's Tomb deep in the Cemetery of the Forsaken. - - / / - -
Take the Skeleton King's crown from the Chancellor's Altar. - - / / - -
Return to New Tristram and talk to Haedrig Eamon. I have recovered the crown of mad Leoric, but it is rent into several pieces. The blacksmith must reforge it that I may face the Skeleton King.e
Reign of the Black King Quest Log
Use the New Tristram Waypoint to return to the Cathedral Garden. This Skeleton King doesn't know when to stay dead. He thinks himself immortal. My blade will prove him wrong. Cain says the crown will open a golden door beneath the mausoleum, witch is beside the cathedral.
Enter Leoric's Passage from the Cathedral Garden. - - / / - -
Go to the Cathedral Level 2 through the Ornate Door. The golden door will open now that I have the crown
Descend through the Cathedral. The Skeleton King waits in his crypt. I will find him and smash his bones to powder.
Give aid to the Warrior. A warrior stands here in the depths of the cathedral, imprisoned by dark sorcerers. Let's see how well their magic works with a blade in their backs.
Find the Warrior's Stolen Items in the Cathedral Level 3. The warrior has asked for my help to find his weapons and armor. When we do, I will learn who he is.
Find and Kill Jondar with the Templar in the Cathedral Level 3. The warrior is a templar betrayed by one named Jondar. I do not share his religion, but I recognize betrayal and have known vengeance. I will help the templar find his.
Join the Templar in the Cathedral Level 3. The templar and I have brought death to his betrayer, Jondar. Justice has been done. I will speak with this templar and find where his path may lead.
Search for the Royal Crypts beneath the Cathedral.] The Skeleton King waits in his crypts. I will find him and smash his bones to powder.
Search for the Crypt of the Skeleton King in the Royal Crypts. - - / / - -
Enter the Crypt of the Skeleton King in the Royal Crypts. I have found the royal crypts. All that now remains is to find the cursed Leoric in his lair, place the crown upon his head, and face him. When he is dead, New Tristram will finally be spared.
Kill the Returned guarding the gate to the Skeleton King's tomb in the Crypt of the Skeleton King. - - / / - -
Place Leoric's crown on the Skeleton King's head in the Crypt of the Skeleton King. The Skeleton King's bones sit before me. Once I put the crown on his head, he will come for me.
Kill the Skeleton King in the Crypt of the Skeleton King. - - / / - -
Enter the Desolate Chamber in the Crypt of the Skeleton King. I feel moving air. There is a secret passage beneath the throne.
Talk to the Stranger in the Desolate Chamber. A man lies in the fallen star's crater. Could he be what we have been looking for?
Return to New Tristram. Deckard Cain will know what this stranger's arrival means. I go to see him now.
Talk to Deckard Cain in New Tristram. - - / / - -
Sword of the Stranger Quest Log
Go to the Fields of Misery northwest of the Cemetery of the Forsaken. The fallen star may be a man with a broken memory, but I know a warrior when I see one. He says that his sword shattered during his fall. Cain believes that finding it may solve this riddle. The first piece fell somewhere in the Fields of Misery.
Search for the Khazra Den in the Fields of Misery. - - / / - -
Find the Glowing Sword Shard in the Khazra Den. I have tracked one of the Stranger's missing sword pieces to a Khazra Den in the Fields of Misery. Khazra will not keep me from my task. My blade will cut them down if they bar my way.
Kill Urik the Seer and the Enraged Zealots surrounding the Glowing Sword Shard in the Khazra Den in the Fields of Misery. - - / / - -
Take the Glowing Sword Shard from the Khazra Den in the Fields of Misery. The sword piece lies before me. I will take it and return to Deckard Cain.
Bring the Glowing Sword Shard to Deckard Cain in New Tristram. I have claimed the sword fragment from the grasp of cultist who were performing some vile ritual upon it. Their leader, a witch named Maghda, mocked me but would not face me in battle. It is not the last I will see of her. I now return to New Tristram with the piece of the Stranger's sword.
The Broken Blade Quest Log
Go to the Drowned Temple northeast of the Fields of Misery. A piece of the Stranger's sword has fallen on the Drowned Temple north of the Fields of Misery. I am to take Leah there to find a way inside.
Follow the Scoundrel into the Old Mill in the Fields of Misery. Leah and I have run into a thief who rushes to defend a friend. I don't know what to make of him, but I will help.
Talk to the Brigand at the Old Mill in the Fields of Misery. - - / / - -
Kill the Brigands and Nigel Cutthroat at the Old Mill in the Fields of Misery. - - / / - -
Talk to the Scoundrel at the Old Mill in the Fields of Misery. - - / / - -
Lead the Scoundrel north to the waypoint near the Drowned Temple. - - / / - -
Go to the Drowned Temple north of the Old Mill in the Fields of Misery. I have helped the scoundrel. May he stay out of trouble for a while. The Drowned Temple is ahead.
Talk to Alaric at the Drowned Temple in the Fields of Misery. I have found the Drowned Temple, but the way is not open. Leah will know how to speak with the spirit guardian.
Go to the Festering Woods over the bridge to the northeast of the Drowned Temple. I have found the ancient temple, but the way is closed. A spirit has bidden me to find the keys in the Festering Woods, if I dare.
Retrieve the Beacon of Honor from Warrior's Rest and the Beacon of Light from the Crypt of the Ancients in the Festering Woods. - - / / - -
Place the Beacons on the Pedestals outside the Drowned Temple. I now have the objects needed to open the ancient temple. I have only to use them on the pedestals.
Enter the Drowned Temple. The temple has opened to me. I can now seek the sword piece inside.
Explore the Drowned Temple. - - / / - -
Kill Ezek the Prophet, Brother Moek, Brother Larel and Brother Karel in the Drowned Temple. - - / / - -
Talk to Alaric in the Drowned Temple. - - / / - -
Secure the Glowing Sword Shard in the inner chamber of the Drowned Temple. - - / / - -
Get the Glowing Sword Shard in the inner chamber of the Drowned Temple. - - / / - -
Return the Glowing Sword Shard to New Tristram. Maghda thought to ambush me and take the sword piece. Her cultists paid the price. I now return to New Tristram.
The Doom in Wortham Quest Log
Talk to the Ferryman Leah and I go to Wortham. The last piece of the Stranger's sword is there.
Kill the cultists outside the chapel Wortham is under attack by Maghda's coven! I will rend them limb from limb!
Talk to the Priest The town of Wortham is safe. It is time to retrieve the final sword piece and end this.
Enter Cain's House in New Tristram That witch Maghda has tricked us all; she has the sword piece now. I must return to Cain. He will know what to do next.
Trailing the Coven Quest Log
Enter the Caverns of Araneae above Wortham Cain is dead, and the angel has been taken to the Highlands. I will follow the cultists through the caves above Wortham, and butcher them like cattle.
Search for the Chamber of Queen Araneae My path lies through the Caverns of Araneae. Skittering sounds echo in the caves, and I see crawling, shambling shades in the darkness.
Go out into the Highlands Crossing Now that I freed Karyna from her bonds, our way to the outside is clear.
Find the Khazra Staff Karyna told me of a shamanistic khazra staff that I need in order to pass the goatmen's barricade. The staff can be found in her cart somewhere in the Highlands.
Approach the Khazra Barricade I now have the khazra staff. The khazra will open their barricade to get it, and then I will fight my way to Leoric's manor.
Find Leoric's Manor Courtyard I must cross the Highlands to reach the Mad King's manor house. I do not know why the Coven has brought the angel there, nor do I care. The cultists will die just the same.
Enter Leoric's Manor The Coven brought the angel through the Highlands to Leoric's manor. I will find the Stranger, and I will free him and kill any cultists and khazra who block my path.
The Imprisoned Angel Quest Log
Enter Halls of Agony Level 1 The Coven has dragged the angel into Leoric's abandoned torture chambers beneath the manor. I will make them pay for their actions.
Enter Halls of Agony Level 2 I have seen men butchered in battle, falling to their knees in a sea of corpses, screaming and crawling at red stumps. The sight of this dark place is worse. The walls are smeared with gore, some of it fresh. The cultists have been busy.
Talk to Queen Asylla The ghost of Leoric's queen and her servants are trapped here. I will do what I can to help them and punish those who have tormented them.
Prisoners' Remains freed: 0/6 The queen begs me to free her ghostly subjects chained to this world by evil spirits. I will do so gladly.
Kill the Warden Now that I have released these forgotten prisoners, I shall make their captor pay.
Search for the Chamber of Suffering The way is open once more. I will free the angel. Nothing will stop me now.
Find the Stranger The Butcher will feast on raw flesh no longer. I regret only that Maghda fled before I could show her to the grave as well. I must continue and free the angel from his captors.
Return to New Tristram Quest Log
Talk to Tyrael in New Tristram The angel's name is Tyrael. I do not know his full purpose, but it would be foolish to cast away such a powerful ally. I should speak to him further.
Talk to the Caravan Leader I should finish my business here before I go to Caldeum.

Act II

Shadows in the Desert Quest Log
Go to the Caldeum Bazaar through the northern part of the Hidden Camp The stench of carruption lies over everything, even the burning heat of the desert. Tyrael and Leah want to make our camp in secret, on a bluff high above Caldeum. I do not understand this secrecy. I wish only to find Maghda and her coven. Cain's death weighs heavily upon me, and revenge will lift it from my shoulders.
Go through the Sundered Canyon outside the eastern gate of the Caldeum Bazaar Caldeum is filled with refugees from the Borderlands, driven from their homes by Maghda and her coven. When I look into their eyes, I see the same fear I once saw in the eyes of my own people after the destruction of Arreat. The emperor does nothing. Even those who would help, like Asheara of the Iron Wolves, cannot come to their aid. I will do what I can.
Kill the lacuni attacking the Iron Wolves at the Sundered Canyon east of the Caldeum Bazaar The cultists wait for me in the desert. Every moment brings me closer to Maghda and revenge. An odd enchantress, Eirena, has joined with me. Though I do not know what to make of her, I believe her magic may be of use in my search. It is clear she has many secrets, but they are not my concern. I hope that she will be a worthy ally in battle.
Disrupt the rituals in the Hidden Conclave and the Secret Altar in the Howling Plateau The Coven casts illusions in the desert to keep me from the cultists' base. But illusions will only slow me. I will not be stopped. Their cowardice burns me, and I will show them no mercy.
Go to the Black Canyon Bridge in the northern part of the Howling Plateau Eirena can now restore the Black Canyon Bridge so that I can cross it. I have slain many of the cultists, and yet their deaths feel empty to me. I know why, Maghda. Hers is the death I seek.
The Road to Alcarnus Quest Log
Cross the Black Canyon Bridge in northern Howling Plateau. How many traps has the Coven placed in my way? The road to Alcarnus is blocked, and I must go through the Khasim Outpost. Every moment I am delayed, my anger grows. It is good that there are so many cultists in these deserts for me to release my fury upon.
Talk to Lieutenant Vachem in Khasim Outpost. The road through the Khasim Outpost is closed. There is something strange at work here, and I do not trust the Imperial Guards. I could be a trap.
Talk to Captain Davyd in Khasim Outpost. The Iron Wolves protecting the Khasim Outpost had been taken prisoner by the Imperial Guard. That is no less than what they had hoped to do to me, but I am a harder prey to ensnare. Now that I have freed the Iron Wolves, they will open the gate for me.
City of Blood Quest Log
Find Alcarnus through the Khasim Outpost gate. At last, the road to Alcarnus is clear. Maghda cannot delay her death much longer. I will tear the town apart to find her. Deckard Cain, your vengeance is near.
Find the Lair of the Witch in Alcarnus. I am surrounded by slaughter and butchery. The bodies of innocents and everywhere, and their blood runs in rivers on the streets. Maghda has more than Cain's death to answer for.
Return to the Hidden Camp. Magdha is dead. Her black heart beats no more. Cain, I hope you can rest easy now, but my work is far from done.
A Royal Audience Quest Log
alk to Asheara at the Gates of Caldeum in the Caldeum Bazaar. The Imperial Guard is controling the emperor of Caldeum. If I am to free him, I will need the help of Asheara, leader of the Iron Wolves.
Kill the demons in the Imperial Palace. We will receive no aid from the child that rules Caldeum; he is Belial's pawn. I have found Leah, but other than Asheara and the Iron Wolves, it seems we are alone in our fight.
Unexpected Allies Quest Log
Find the Wretched Pit in the Sewers of Caldeum. Leah and I have escaped from the Imperial Guard, for now. I do not like this hiding. I say send the snake demons. I will slay all who come. But Leah has discovered that the Imperial Guard is holding her mother, Adria, prisoner somewhere down here. We will find her.
Talk to Adria in the Hidden Camp. Adria's tortures have met their deaths at my hands. We must decide now what our next plan of attack will be.
Betrayer of the Horadrim Quest Log
Find the oasis gate in the Flooded Causeway beneath the Caldeum Bazaar. I have no reason to trust this Zoltun Kulle that Adria speaks of, but we have no other choice. A mage so powerful he could not be killed... and we are going to bring him back? This seems like a bad plan.
Find Dahlgur Oasis through the Ruined Cistern beneath the Caldeum Bazaar. Perhaps all is not as it seems. The child emperor of Caldeum found me in the sewers. Though he is powerless because of the Imperial Guard, he has sworn he will try to discover Belial's secret plans. But first I must find the head of Zoltun Kulle, hidden away in a dungeon beneath Dahlgur Oasis. Water will be nice.
Return to Adria in the Hidden Camp with Zoltun Kulle's Head. I have the head of Zoltun Kulle. It is a lifeless thing, but Leah and Adria believe that within it the mage still lives. We shall see. I hope all this has been worth it.
Blood and Sand Quest Log
Enter the Ancient Waterway in the northern Dahlgur Oasis. Now that we have brought back Zoltun Kulle, I am less certain we have done the right thing. His true intentions are clouded, and I do not trust him. The sooner I can be rid of him, the sooner I will rest easy.
Go through the Western Channel to Western Flow Control and pull the lever, then go through the Eastern Channel to Eastern Flow Control and pull the lever there. Emperor Hakan found me again. He knows nothing more than before, but he swears he is working as best he can. I am frustrated that our progress is so slow. Nothing has been straightforward since we arrived in Caldeum. This is Belial's work, I am sure.
Kill the Betrayed in the Waterlogged Passage. Is there someone in this barrel?
Find the Crucible in the Hidden Aqueducts. I met an old man named Covetous Shen, who is searching the aqueducts for a relic called a crucible. He is odd, but perhaps following him will lead me out of this place.
Get the Blood of Zoltun Kulle from the Cave of the Betrayer Level 2 and the Vault of the Assassin in the Desolate Sands. I am tired of Kulle's voice. I want to be rid of him. somewhere beneath this desert, the Horadrim sealed away his blood, which he claims we will need when we reach his archives. Everyting about this land is puzzles and intrigue. Give me Belial, and I will destroy him. If only it were so simple.
The Black Soulstone Quest Log
Search for the Archives of Zoltun Kulle at the northern end of the Desolate Sands. Somewhere beneath this desert are Zoltun Kulle's archives and, more importantly, the Black Soulstone. It will be good to get out of the sun. Even after all this time, I still miss the snows of the northern lands.
Open the Shadow Locks in the Unknown Depths and the Storm Halls. Kulle had not explained where his body was sealed away. Now he says it is in another place, the Realm of Shadow, but we need his blood to activate the locks upon it. All these hoops I must jump through, to what end?
Enter the Realm of Shadow through the Terminus. Beyond the open portal in the Terminus is the Realm of Shadow, ass Kulle calls it. I do not fear it, but I wonder about a place that makes Zoltun Kulle himself uneasy.
Talk to Leah in the Terminus. We have Kulle's head, and we have his body. Leah knows the ritual to restore him. I pray our trust is not misplaced. If it is, we will have a powerful enemy and be no closer to the Black Soulstone or Belial.
Enter the Soulstone Chamber through the Terminus. I would say that Zoltun Kulle walks once again, but it seems that walking is not enough for the mage. He floats through the air instead. Now that he is whole, I can see the madness in his eyes. We have bargained with a dangerous man, but the Black Soulstone will soon be ours.
Get the Black Soulstone in the Soulstone Chamber through the portal from the Terminus. Kulle is dead, and the Black Soulstone is ours. We are ready to face Belial. The child has found him just in time. We may be on the front foot now, but we cannot waste our advantage.
The Scouring of Caldeum Quest Log
Find Asheara in the Caldeum Bazaar next to the entrance to the Flooded Causeway. Belial will destroy Caldeum to keep me from getting to him. He must know that I have the Black Soulstone, and he fears what I may do. I need to get to the boy as soon as possible. Time is running out.
Lord of Lies Quest Log
Enter the City of Caldeum with Leah and Adria. I have done what I could for the people in the bazaar. When I have slain Belial, they will truly be saved. If I fail, I will have saved them from one doom only to face another. I must enter the city before it is too late.
Talk to Tyrael at the Hidden Camp. Belial is dead. I do not know what will happen to Caldeum, but I hope Asheara and the boy will be able to return the city to normal. We must focus on other matters now... like Azmodan.


The Siege of Bastion's Keep Quest Log
Light the Signal Beacons in the Skycrown Battlements outside Bastion's Keep. We have traveled to the top of the world, so near my people's desecrated homeland. I find myself inside Bastion's Keep, a fortress originally build to stand against the barbarians. I will not let that stop me from helping warriors regain their fighting spirit
Find Sergeant Dalen in the Skycrown Battlements. Azmodan's visage mocks me from within a wall of flames. It matters not, I will face the demon soon enough.
Turning the Tide Quest Log
Raise the catapults in Stonefort. The signal fires rallied the men, but the tide of demons is never ending. I cut down one, and two take its place. Our catapults cannot be raised from their berths as long as the demons hold the Stonefort. I will throw them from the walls and bring our defenses to bear!
Return to the Bastion's Keep Stronghold. The catapults of Bastion's Keep are raised. Azmodan's lines will soon be broken
The Breached Keep Quest Log
Find the Keep Depths Level 2. Our catapults hammer at the demons and drive them from our walls, forcing our enemies underground. They tunneled into the keep from below and seek to attack us from within. They will find me barring their path.
Find the Bastion's Keep Larder. One of Azmodan's foul lieutenants awaits me in the keep's larder. He won't be waiting long.
Return to the Bastion's Keep Stronghold. I have killed Ghom, the Lord of Gluttony. The keep is now secured from within. It is time to take the fight to Azmodan. I will return to the main hall of the stronghold to share this good news with Tyrael.
Tremors in the Stone Quest Log
Go to the Armory from the Bastion's Keep Stronghold. The sound of demonic rage spills forth from the armory. Could the dark power of the soulstone be too much for Leah? I must hurry before all is lost!
Talk to Leah in the Armory. The Black Soulstone is once again under Leah's control. The danger has passed... for now. We must capture Azmodan's essence within the soulstone soon so that we can destroy it.
Machines of War Quest Log
Go through the Arreat Gate outside the Bastion's Keep Stronghold. It is time to bring the battle to Azmodan. His war machines rain death upon our soldiers. He must be stopped.
Find Rakkis Crossing at the northeast end of the Fields of Slaughter past the Bridge of Korsikk. I have destroyed the ballistae and sent Azmodan's demons fleeing. I now press my attack toward the crater, where the cravenly hides.
Siegebreaker Quest Log
Find the demon gate at the Edge of the Abyss past Rakkis Crossing. Demons hold the bridge leading to Arreat Crater, where Azmodan commands his armies. Tyrael has joined me, and together we will lay waste to any enemies that try to keep us from reaching the Lord of Sin.
Talk to Adria near the demon gate. I have bested the mighty siegebreaker that stood between me and Azmodan's crater. Adria has appeared as if out of nowhere, and she waits to speak with me.
Heart of Sin Quest Log
Go through Arreat Crater Level 1 and find the Tower of the Damned Level 1. Leah had a vision of Sin Hearts powering Azmodan's legions. I will descend into the crater and destroy these hearts in their towers, stopping the demonic invasion at its source.
Find the Tower of the Cursed Level 1 past Arreat Crater Level 2. I never could have imagined a place of such horror and fetid wretchedness as the depths of this cursed pit. Azmodan and his vile concubine mock me at every turn, but the first Sin Heart beats no more. Though the very air claws at my senses, I will not be stopped: I will crush the life from the second heart, and from Azmodan soon after.
Kill Cydaea in the Heart of the Cursed. Cydaea, the Maiden of Lust and concubine of Azmodan, seeks to keep me from the second Sin Heart. This means her death.
Kill Azmodan in the Heart of Sin beneath the Core of Arreat. The last Lord of Hell, Azmodan. When he dies, this world will be free from the corrupting influence of the Burning Hells forever.
Return to the Bastion's Keep Stronghold. This day is not yet over. We have captured the soul of Azmodan, and now the soulstone must be destroyed. Adria prepares the rituals with the help of Leah in the keep's armory. I will join them there soon.
Enter the Portal to Heaven atop the Keep Tower. Adria's betrayal has unleased Diablo on the High Heavens. There is no time to deal with her treachery now. I must get to the Heavens before it is to late!

Act IV

Fall of the High Heavens Quest Log
Talk to Tyrael at the Diamond Gates. I followed Tyrael through the portal that the Lord of Terror left in his wake. It led to the blighted ruins of the High Heavens, where corruption and death have already taken hold. Diablo has done his work well. I have fought hard for many years, but this battle is too great for me to face unprepared. I must speak with Tyrael.
Enter the Vestibule of Light. I have seen many warriors hesitate on the field of battle, but I never thought Tyrael would be among them. The destruction of his homeland has shattered his will to fight. I know the feeling well. When the Worldstone was destroyed and Mount Arreat erupted, my people lost hope and abandoned the old ways. But I will keep fighting. It is all I have ever done.
The Light of Hope Quest Log
Find Itherael at the northwest end of the Vestibule of Light. The demon is vanquished. If Diable thinks he can triumph by sending his minions against me, he is sorely mistaken. I will purge the Heavens of these foes until the Lord of Terror faces me himself. Tyrael still refuses to join me, but I will speak to his brethren. There may yet be an angel in Heaven who will help.
Find the Library of Fate in the Gardens of Hope 1st Tier beyond the Vestibule of Light. The leadership of the Heavens is scattered and broken. Imperius is consumed with rage, and Tyrael wallows in guilt. The Archangel of Hope has been captured by demons, and Itherael alone has told me where she can be found. I will slay Rakanoth, who holds Auriel prisoner in the Library of Fate. Then, perhaps more angels will prove themselves useful.
Destroy Auriel's Prison in the Library of Fate. Raknoth is slain. Now I must free Auriel from her prison and seek her counsel.
Return to the Gardens of Hope 1st Tier. The Archangel Auriel is free. She has proved to be worthy ally by granting me the power to dispel the corruption that mars these lands. With this gift, I will be able ro reach Diablo's Hell rifts and close them. We shall see how powerful the Lord of Terror is when he is cut off from his armies in the Brurning Hells.
Use Auriel's Portal to leave the Hell Rift. The Hell rift is shut. I must use Hope's portal to leave before I am trapped in the rubble.
Enter the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier. I have destroyed one of the Hell rifts, but another remains on the second tier of the Garden of Hope. The gateway cannot be far. I will find it.
Destroy the Corruption to reveal the Hell Rift in the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier. The last Hell rift should be near. I must clear the demons' corruption in order to reveal it. I cannot help but see that my foes grow fiercer as I advance. They know by now that I will not easily be bested.
Escape the Hell Rift before it collapses. My work here is done. I must return to the gardens before Diablo makes good on his threats.
Find the portal to the Crystal Colonnade in the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier. I have destroyed Diablo's portals to his armies in the Burning Hells, so I expect he will send all of his remaining forces against me. I care not. I have vanquished so many already; deranged cultists, Lord of Hell, fearsome demons from the twisted depths below... I am ready to confront the Lord of Terror in the Silver Spire.
Talk to Tyrael at the portal to the Crystal Colonnade in the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier. I have found Tyrael. He waits for me near the portal to the Crystal Colonnade. I had thought him lost in the battles that rage across the Heavens... But we are both old warriors who have seen much of disaster and tragedy. I must speak with him.
Enter the Crystal Colonnade from the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier. Tyrael is ready to stand by my side once again. We both know that the battles awaiting us will not be easy ones. We must fight relentlessly for every piece of ground we gain. But we will go to the Crystal Colonnade and up the Silver Spire itself, whatever the price. This is our only hope for victory.
Beneath the Spire Quest Log
Find Imperius at the Crystal Colonnade. Tyrael is ready to fight by my side once again. We both know that the battles that awaits us will not be easy ones. We must fight relentlessly for every piece of ground we gain. But we will go to the Crystal Colonnade an onward up to the Silver Spire itself, whatever the price. This is our only hope for victory.
Enter the Gateway to the Silver Spire from the Crystal Colonnade. Overly proud warriors who cannot tell friend from foe are worse than those without the strength to wield their weapons. Imperius has gone too far, but time has returned sense to Tyrael; maybe it will do the same for his kin. For now, I must go through the gateway to the Silver Spire and press on until I reach Diablo.
Prime Evil Quest Log
Cross the Great Span from the Silver Spire Level 1. The corruption grows worse. Diablo's foulest minions are sure to be near. I must be on my guard, and Tyrael on his as well, if we are to fight our way to the top of the Silver Spire. I know the rage he must be feeling, seeing his homeland destroyed like this. We will lay waste to all the forces of Hell before we are done.
Kill Izual in the Great Span. Diablo means to play upon Tyrael's doubt by sending the angel 's former lieutenant to attack us. But Tyrael is strong, as am I. We will overcome this hellish beast.
Climb to the Pinnacle of Heaven above the Silver Spire. Izual is slain, leaving Tyrael and me free to continue fighting through these darkened halls. The long night of Hell has fallen over the High Heavens, But if we can reach the Silver spire and stop Diablo in time, dawn may yet come... A dawn that will be remembered by all angels and men.
Talk to Tyrael at the Pinnacle of Heaven. Imperius wanted my blood; I heard it in his voice as he threatened me. But now he can do no more than watch while I confront Diablo and fight for the angels' beloved High Heavens. It is a cruel fate, but a fitting one for a warrior who has become too proud. I seek only what I deserve; a chance to face the Lord of Terror. Tyrael will know if it is time.
Go to the Crystal Arch above the Pinnacle of Heaven. Tyrael and I must part ways. It is a great comfort that I leave with his trust. He says I can defeat Diablo and free the Heavens from the Armies of Terror, but I do not know what I belive anymore. I came here seeking a worthy foe and an honorable death, which I may still find. But should more than that come to me... Well, I would not begrudge it. I see now that there is much to live for in this world.
Talk to Auriel at the Crystal Arch and bring your quest to an end. It is done. The Lord of Terror is dead, and all the other Evils with him. Leah, Cain, my people in the north—they are avenged at last. I cannot believe that I have lived to see so many battles won and lost in these faraway lands. It is as great a fate as any warrior could wish for.

Act V

The Fall of Westmarch Quest Log
Find a way into Westmarch On the slopes af Arreat, I gathered the seers. They chanted their rituals, and I consecrated our new burial grounds with the blood of those tribes who had turned to the eating of human flesh. They are unclean. More hide in the hills, but I cannot hunt them now. I must return to the lowlands, where the war between demons and angels threatens us all yet again.
Souls of the Dead Quest Log
Leave The Survivors' Enclave and go to Westmarch Commons. When we die, our bodies must be returned to the ground. Only then will our spirit become one with all that is. But Malthael is using the spirits of the dead for his own evil ends, an act of true darkness. I will not rest until he and his lapdogs have paid for this vilest of deeds.
The Harbinger Quest Log
Leave The Survivors' Enclave and go to Westmarch Heights. Malthael is a cleaver general. He sends others to do his work while he plans. But even with all his wisdom, he cannot see beyond this pointless war between Heaven and Hell. Now can there be any wisdom or honor in a war that will never be won?
The Witch Quest Log
Find the entrance to the Tomb of Rakkis in the Overgrown Ruins. Adria sacrificed her honor, her spirit, long ago. She is as evil as the worst angel or demon, and she will answer for everything she has done. Will her death bring me pleasure? Yes. Leah will be avenged. But there is always someone willing to sacrifice everything for power. I see now this will never end.
The Pandemonium Gate Quest Log
Go through Tyrael's portal through the Pandemonium Gate. Adria gave up everything to free her master, even her life, but she failed miserably. We now know that Malthael is in the Pandemonium. I must go through Heaven to get there. Perhaps I will see that cur Imperius and he will give me reason to show him what a true warrior is.
The Battlefields of Eternity Quest Log
Find Imperius at the Path of War. I finaly understand. Now that I see this blighted landscape, it is clear to me that the angels and demons want the Eternal Conflict to be eternal. It was what they were made for. It is all they know. Humans are meant for more than that. Perhaps they fear this as much as our potential power.
Breaching the Fortress Quest Log
Board the Ram from the Siege Outpost. I can no longer tell which side is which. Corrupted angels, demonic prisoners—what is the difference? They either dismiss humans as not worthy of their attention, or they slaughter us by the thousands.
Angel of Death Quest Log
Talk to Tyrael in Pandemonium Fortress Level 1. As I go to face the Angel of Death, my only fear is what he will do to my world should I fall. So I will not allow that to happen. It is obvious that neither side can be trusted. It is time for mankind to declare that the age of angels and demons is over.