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Barbarian Conversation

Conversation ID Conversation
Conv_A1C1CainIntro_Line25Barb I have need of your knowledge, Deckard Cain... Leah will be happy that you live.
Conv_A1C5RFarmerScavengerEpilogue2_Line1Barb This is your wife? She appears...unwell.
Conv_A1C5RFarmerScavengerEpilogue2_Line3Barb I... must be going.
Conv_BatesFarmEpilogue5_Line1Barb Hmm... really?
Conv_BatesFarmEpilogue6_Line1Barb You must stop this now.
Conv_Blacksmith_ApprenticeFound_Line0Barb Blacksmith, your apprentice is dead.
Conv_Blacksmith_CellarCallout_Line1Barb This must be done.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_2_Line12Barb Then follow me and hone your skills.

There is deadly work to be done and I will need your arms.

Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_2_Line7Barb I have grave news. Your apprentice is dead.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line10Barb This is good work.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line12Barb Then follow me and hone your skills.

There is deadly work to be done and I will need your arms.

Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line1Barb Leoric\'s crown is broken. Can you fix it?
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line7Barb Blacksmith, your apprentice is dead.
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line0Barb What are you doing here? Your wife\'s body is barely cold.
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line2Barb There is no weakness in mourning, blacksmith. When I was a pup, a cowardly warrior of Westmarch shot my father from safety within Bastion\'s Keep.
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line3Barb Those who make themselves hard, make themselves brittle. You are no good to me broken.
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line4Barb I held my grief inside my teeth as I hauled myself up the wall by hand, and screamed it at the cur as I choked the life from him.
Conv_Blacksmith_Family_Line0Barb You said that your grandsire was King Leoric\'s chancellor. Tell me of him.
Conv_Blacksmith_Family_Line4Barb Your grandsire was a hero, in his own way. You should be proud.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father_Line0Barb You said you lived with your father when Old Tristram burned. Tell me about him.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father_Line5Barb Did it?
Conv_Blacksmith_Father2_Line1Barb You hold too many things in, blacksmith. You should be free with your passions, good or ill.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father2_Line6Barb Did you take revenge on the men that did this to your father?
Conv_Blacksmith_Protector_Line11Barb What do you mean?
Conv_Blacksmith_RescueCain_Line11Barb He is alive--and I will rescue him.
Conv_Blacksmith_ThankYou_New_Line0Barb Haedrig, I need your aid. I must find Leoric\'s crown.
Conv_Blacksmith_TristramBeforeQuest_Line1Barb Are you troubled?
Conv_Blacksmith_TristramBeforeQuest_Line3Barb May she recover quickly.
Conv_BlacksmithIntro_New_Line14Barb Blacksmith, Deckard Cain said you could help me find the crown of Leoric.
Conv_BlacksmithIntro_New_Line19Barb It is regrettable, but it must be done. I will help you.
Conv_Cain_AboutSkeletonKing_Line3Barb Diablo drove Leoric to madness?
Conv_Cain_AboutWorldstoneDestruction_Line5Barb The Worldstone\'s destruction also destroyed Mt. Arreat, my people\'s ancestral home.
Conv_Cain_CrownIntro_Line3Barb A sad tale, but I seek the fallen star and he stands in my way.
Conv_Cain_CrownIntro_New_Line3Barb A sad tale, but I seek the fallen star and he stands in my way.
Conv_Cain_IdentifyItem_Line6Barb How did you learn to identify items?
Conv_Cain_SkeletonKingQuest_Intro_Line0Barb Leoric\'s crown has been reforged.
Conv_Cain_SkeletonKingQuest_Intro_Line5Barb I will crush him and find the fallen star.
Conv_Cain_TellMeAboutYourself_Line1Barb You can not believe this.
Conv_Cain_UndeadBashing_Line4Barb Cain! I will save you!
Conv_CainAboutLeah_1_Line1Barb You and Leah seem to care much for each other.
Conv_CainAboutLeah_2_Line4Barb I heard that you took Leah on your searches for ancient artifacts and tomes. Wasn\'t that dangerous?
Conv_Crown_Lore_Line0Barb Now that the Skeleton King has been vanquished, his crown must not be found by those who would use it for their unholy, sorcerous ends.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False1_Line0Barb This must not be the crypt that holds the crown. The search continues.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False1_Line2Barb No you don\'t.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False2_Line0Barb Hm... the crown must be in a different crypt.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_TheRightOne_Line0Barb I am on the right path. The crown must be near.
Conv_DyingGuy_GameIntro_Line1Barb Rest easy, friend.
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Line0Barb Something has disturbed this grave...
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Mid_Line0Barb What dark sorcery is this?
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Outro_Line0Barb Back to your graves.
Conv_Event_A1OldTristram_ZombieTree_PlayerCallout_Line0Barb Another poor soul...
Conv_Event_FamilyThatBurrows_Line0Barb The beasts that killed him are near. I smell their spoor.
Conv_Event_FoundApprentice_Line0Barb This must be the blacksmith\'s apprentice. Haedrig should be told of his fate.
Conv_Event_GameHunters_PlayerCalloutOutro_Line0Barb They should choose their prey with more care.
Conv_Event_House1000Undead_End_Line0Barb The dead are at peace now.
Conv_Event_OldTristCellar_QuillDemonChase_PlayerCallout1_Line0Barb What happened to this treasure? Are the fiends hoarding it?
Conv_Event_OldTristram_BlackMushroom_Line0Barb Those mushrooms are immense.
Conv_Event_SpiritJourney_PlayerCalloutOutro_Line0Barb That fool was playing with things he did not understand.
Conv_Event_SpiritJourney_ShamanChant_Line1Barb A depraved ritual...
Conv_Event_Tower_Of_Power_InsideSkellieGreet_Line2Barb Your threats bore me.
Conv_Event_Tower_Of_Power_SkellieIntro2_Line1Barb I think not.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_FailQuest_Line6Barb He died a brave death.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_FailQuest_Line8Barb Your brother was killed by dark cultists. I made sure that the caves became their grave.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_QuestInfo_Line8Barb They will pay for their actions.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_StartQuest_Line10Barb We must find them.
Conv_FarmAmbushFlyerFarmer_Greet_Line1Barb You should leave. It is unsafe here.
Conv_FerrymanPort_To_Wertham_Line1Barb I need a ferry to Wortham.
Conv_FesteringWoods_Ambush_End_Player_Line0Barb I sense that this fight was fought before, long ago...
Conv_FesteringWoods_Ambush_PlayerEntersArea_Line0Barb A great battle was fought here.
Conv_FesteringWoods_exNeph03_Line2Barb They are lost in the past.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_01_Line67Barb A worthy quest.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_02_Line69Barb We will not discover it here. Keep going.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_03_Line67Barb True warriors overcome their fear.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_04_Line61Barb Perhaps the sun is neutral.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_05_Line0Barb That is a fine spear.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_06_Line0Barb Were you always a devout man?
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_07_Line1Barb Why is that?
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_08_Line1Barb There are none left to catch them. All has fallen to chaos.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_09_Line1Barb I won\'t let anything happen to her.
Conv_Fol_SC_VendorBrotherWon_Line1Barb What makes you say that?
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral1_Line1Barb Perhaps it is best that they are not here to see its fate.
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral2_Line0Barb What troubles you, templar?
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral2_Line2Barb We will purify it.
Conv_Fol_TP_CathedralRoad_Line1Barb They are abominations.
Conv_Fol_TP_Cemetery_Line3Barb That is great praise, though I am more proud to call you friend.
Conv_Fol_TP_Crypts1_Line1Barb I don\'t know what I believe anymore.
Conv_Fol_TP_FesteringWoods_Line0Barb Be wary. There are many ghosts here.
Conv_Fol_TP_FesteringWoods2_Line1Barb They were valiant warriors.
Conv_Fol_TP_HallsofAgony4_Line1Barb I must finish this.
Conv_Fol_TP_WeepingHollow1_Line0Barb Did you have many friends at the order?
Conv_Fol_TP_WeepingHollow1_Line2Barb I take it you did not have any friends, then.
Conv_Guard_About_LeahAndCain_Line1Barb What can you tell me about Leah and her uncle, Deckard Cain?
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line0Barb Sorry.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line1Barb I\'m sorry.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line2Barb My mistake.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line4Barb My fault.
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line0Barb Help!
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line1Barb I need help.
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line2Barb I need your help.
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line3Barb You cannot stand before me!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line4Barb You wilt against my blows!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line5Barb I will not be denied!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line6Barb Die!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line7Barb How tastes your fear?
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line8Barb Your flesh is weak!
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line0Barb Farewell.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line1Barb I am leaving.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line2Barb Goodbye.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line4Barb We will meet again.
Conv_Hero_Go_Line0Barb We must go!
Conv_Hero_Go_Line2Barb Let\'s get on with this.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line0Barb I\'m healed.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line1Barb Healed.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line2Barb Health returns.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line4Barb I\'ve been healed.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line0Barb I am vexed.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line1Barb I need something to fight.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line2Barb This inaction grows tiring.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line3Barb Demons await my blows.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line4Barb Why have I been left here to rot?
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line5Barb I am slowly wasting away.
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line0Barb Follow!
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line1Barb This way.
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line2Barb Come with me.
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line4Barb Stay behind me.
Conv_Hero_Leah_01_Line161Barb The world has changed much.
Conv_Hero_Leah_02_Line161Barb What do you miss?
Conv_Hero_Leah_03_Line161Barb That would fit you.
Conv_Hero_Leah_03_Line200Barb You do me a great honor.
Conv_Hero_Leah_04_Line161Barb Tell me about this inn you want to open.
Conv_Hero_Leah_04_Line200Barb There is no safe place.
Conv_Hero_Leah_05_Line1Barb People will do anything for power.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line0Barb I have leveled up.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line1Barb I\'ve gained a level.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line2Barb I grow stronger!
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line3Barb The ancients grant me strength.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line4Barb Bul-Kathos smiles on me.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line5Barb I grow in power.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line6Barb I\'ve gained new power.
Conv_Hero_No_Line0Barb No.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line0Barb Take this.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line1Barb For you.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line2Barb You\'ll need this.
Conv_Hero_PvP_Attack_Line0Barb Attack!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Hold_Line0Barb Hold this point!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Objective_Line0Barb Take the objective!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Retreat_Line0Barb Retreat!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Stay_Line0Barb Stay here.
Conv_Hero_Run_Line0Barb Run!
Conv_Hero_Run_Line1Barb Get out of here!
Conv_Hero_Run_Line2Barb Flee! Now!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line0Barb You have taken your last breath.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line10Barb Time to die.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line1Barb Die!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line2Barb Prepare for the end.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line3Barb Your life is at an end.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line4Barb I take no joy from killing you.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line5Barb You cannot hurt me!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line6Barb Crawl back to your mother!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line7Barb Pray for mercy, dog!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line8Barb Your blood will run from your veins.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line9Barb Too easy.
Conv_Hero_Thanks_Line0Barb Thanks.
Conv_Hero_Thanks_Line1Barb Thank you.
Conv_Hero_Wait_Line0Barb Wait.
Conv_Hero_Wait_Line2Barb Hold on.
Conv_Hero_Yes_Line0Barb Yes.
Conv_Jeweler_TellMeAboutYourself_Line1Barb That doesn\'t sound very interesting to me.
Conv_Jeweler_ThatJewel_Line1Barb That was not a fair trade, old man.
Conv_Jeweler_ThatJewel_Line3Barb You look happy with yourself.
Conv_Karyna_AboutMystic_Line1Barb Myriam?
Conv_Leah_AboutAdria_Line5Barb What did you learn of your mother?
Conv_Leah_AdriasCellar_New_Line1Barb I will go. Stay here and learn what you can.
Conv_Leah_AdriasDeath_Line1Barb How did your mother die?
Conv_Leah_AfterKilling_Line1Barb I will send them back to their graves. I will save your town.
Conv_Leah_BarIntro_Line0Barb Are you Leah? Rumford said you survived the fallen star.
Conv_Leah_CainRescueIntro_New_Line1Barb Come, let us search for your uncle.
Conv_Leah_OnWayToAdrias_Line1Barb What of your father?
Conv_Leah_TellMeAboutYourself_Line4Barb What does your uncle seek?
Conv_LeahCainReturns_New_Line21Barb Time is running short. What can you tell me of the fallen star?
Conv_Mystic_BlacksmithQuest_Line1Barb Must you always speak in riddles?
Conv_Mystic_InTristram02_Line3Barb I will reveal something to it?
Conv_Mystic_Protector_Line1Barb Is that meant to comfort me?
Conv_Mystic_RescueCain_Line1Barb Cain does not ask for gold to identify items.
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