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Looking for Diablo 3's Barbarian? Or maybe Hellfire's Barbarian?

Barbarian diablo II.gif
Affiliation Barbarian
Homeland Mt. Arreat
Voice Actor David Jean Thomas

The Barbarian, a member of any of several tribes on the fringes of civilization, rebuffs the influence of those he sees as soft and weak. Ceaseless clan warfare and the constant struggle to survive in the hostile wilderness are evident in the Barbarian's sturdy and powerful frame. Though perhaps lacking the sophistication of his civilized contemporaries, the Barbarian has an acute awareness of his surroundings. Because of his shamanistic belief in the animal powers with whom he identifies, the Barbarian is sometimes associated with stories of lycanthropy. In fact, he believes that he can improve his superb battle tactics by calling upon the totemic animal spirits to infuse him with supernormal strengths and abilities.

The Barbarian is a playable character class in Diablo II who specializes in melee combat skills and perfecting his use of melee weapons. He also has the ability to strengthen his allies with a Warcry before battle, create barbaric totems from slain demons and leap great distances.

The barbarian is able to dual wield any weapon. Unlike other classes.


Starting Attributes Level Up Attribute Point Effect
Strength 30
Dexterity 20
Vitality 25 +4 Life
+1 Stamina
Energy 10 +1 Mana
Life 55 +2
Mana 10 +1
Stamina 92 +1


Howl (Diablo II)Taunt (Diablo II)Battle Cry (Diablo II)War Cry (Diablo II)Shout (Diablo II)Battle Orders (Diablo II)Battle Command (Diablo II)Find Potion (Diablo II)Find Item (Diablo II)Grim Ward (Diablo II)Sword Mastery (Diablo II)Polearm Mastery (Diablo II)Increased Stamina (Diablo II)Increased Speed (Diablo II)Axe Mastery (Diablo II)Throwing Mastery (Diablo II)Mace Mastery (Diablo II)Spear Mastery (Diablo II)Iron Skin (Diablo II)Natural Resistance (Diablo II)Leap (Diablo II)Leap Attack (Diablo II)Whirlwind (Diablo II)Bash (Diablo II)Stun (Diablo II)Concentrate (Diablo II)Berserk (Diablo II)Double Swing (Diablo II)Double Throw (Diablo II)Frenzy (Diablo II)Barbarian Skill Trees (Diablo II).png
Warcries Combat Masteries Combat Skills
Level 1 Howl, Find Potion Sword Mastery, Axe Mastery, Mace Mastery Bash
Level 6 Taunt, Shout Polearm Mastery, Throwing Mastery, Spear Mastery Leap, Double Swing
Level 12 Find Item Increased Stamina Stun, Double Throw
Level 18 Battle Cry Iron Skin Leap Attack, Concentrate
Level 24 Battle Orders, Grim Ward Increased Speed Frenzy
Level 30 War Cry, Battle Command Natural Resistance Whirlwind, Berserk


Legend says that when the world was very young the tribes of the Northern Steppes were given a sacred charge. Somewhere deep within the great mountain, Arreat, lies a source of great power, crucial to the well being of all humanity. The tribes were tasked to act as guardians of this artifact. They have shaped their way of life in observance of this power and fulfilling their sacred duty.

Steeped in mystery and tradition, these people refer to themselves as the "Children of Bul-Kathos," the great and ancient king. To better protect their lands from outside forces, they adopted a nomadic lifestyle, frequently moving within the confines of the Steppes and maintaining few permanent settlements. Isolating themselves from the world outside their territories, they eschew the use of magics and complex machinery, as they believe these things can only weaken their resolve developed over so many years.

The Children of Bul-Kathos have developed a kinship with the land and have learned to harness the primal energies within nature to enhance their own substantial physical prowess. It is because of this, together with their freedom from the trappings of the outside world, that the Western Kingdoms have historically referred to these tribes as "Barbarians," an epithet that belies the rich cultural and spiritual history these people truly possess. Although some trade with these curious bands of nomads, they do so only along the outermost borders of their lands. All intrusions into the territory surrounding Mount Arreat are forbidden, and warriors from the northern tribes are quick to thwart any incursions. Every foreign attempt at conquest has been met with fierce and decisive resistance.

An account of one skirmish recounts how hordes of Barbarian tribesmen silently appeared where none had been but moments before. Their bodies painted in mysterious designs and their faces howling as they charged like the fierce mountain winds, the tribesmen descended on the invaders. Fully half of the trespassing army immediately dropped their weapons and fled, the remainder were set upon by the Northmen with fervor that none of the battle-hardened invaders had ever witnessed. No mercy was asked and none was given, but in the end, when the outlanders sounded a full retreat, no chase was given either at least none that could be observed.

Since news of Diablo's re-emergence has spread, a small number of Barbarian warriors have begun roving the lands outside the Steppes, prepared for war and seeking information regarding the recent activities of the Prime Evils.


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Several barbarian tribes are mentioned in the Diablo II Manual:

  • Bear Tribe
  • Crane Tribe
  • Henknoc Tribe
  • Shadow Wolf Tribe
  • Snake Tribe
  • Tribe of Thunder

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