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Attack Rating is displayed on the Character Screen. It shows the percentage chance that you will hit the targeted monster. If your Attack Rating is too low, you will notice that your attacks often miss. The chance to hit increases if you are at a higher character level than the monster you're attacking. Your Attack Rating can be improved by increasing your Dexterity, and by equipping magic items that provide bonuses to it.

In Diablo II your chance to hit is the average chance a melee or ranged attack will land on an opponent. It follows the formula:

Chance To Hit = 200% * {AR / (AR + DR)} * {Alvl / (Alvl + Dlvl)}

AR = Attacker's Attack Rating
DR = Defender's Defense rating
Alvl = Attacker's level
Dlvl = Defender's level


  • The same formula is used for all 3 attack scenarios: Player vs Player, Player vs Monster, and Monster vs Player.
  • Chance to hit is capped such that it can not be lower than 5% or higher than 95%.
  • Level difference is a controlling factor. The bigger the level difference, the less impact your Attack Rating has.
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