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Assassins are cold-blooded killers, they use both magic and melee weapons. They have the ability to identify magical items. Assassins don't care about how they kill, they simply love the act of killing. Their magical abilities are second to Mages', they can (and usually do!) wield two weapons at once, but definitely benefit more from using swords and sword-like weapons. They tend to use weapons that require more dexterity. They strike quickly and powerfully when wielding two swords and it makes them a very dangerous opponent for monsters. Besides, they tend to concentrate on the weak spots of their enemy's defense and cause tremendous critical damage, sometimes instantly killing the enemy. But they have even less stamina then Monks and rely on their armor and agility more than on their ability to endure damage. Their defense potential is decent and approaches that of Gladiators', but Assassins tend to use armor types that require more dexterity than strength. Often, they weaken their enemy from a distance and finish him off in hand to hand combat, They exult in the act of killing.


Stats to focus on, in order of importance: DEX, MAG, STR, VIT

Starting Maximum[1] Purpose
Strength 15 130 Wearing gear, base damage with blunts, blocking melee attacks and doing damage.
Magic 10 140 Wearing jewelry, reading books, mana regain, spell accuracy and total mana.
Dexterity 20 210 Wearing gear, base damage with swords, chance to dodge attacks, chance to hit and block.
Vitality 20 160 Max -DFE, life regain, effect of healing, stun threshold and total life.
Life 60 438 Staying alive.
Mana 20 313 Casting spells.
DFE (cap)[2] -10 -80 Reduces damage
Armor 5 42 Reduces the chance enemies will hit you.

Special properties

  • Assassins receive a small AC bonus when wielding certain dexterity line weapons. Rapiers give 4 bonus AC, sabres 5 bonus AC, wakizashi 3 bonus AC.
  • The minimum ToHit chance for monsters against high-level Assassins is reduced compared to other character classes. Note: AC has to be high enough for this to take effect.
    • MvP melee minimum ToHit: (20 + [Dexbase / 16] - [clvl / 2])%, but no less than 8%. Most other classes have 20% chance or higher. (since v1.106k and v1.107)
    • MvP missile minimum ToHit: (14 - [clvl / 8])%. Al other classes have 14% chance. (since v1.100k)
  • When alone in the game, Assassin has chain activation radius = 1. This parameter affects monsters AI. It's the lowest value among all classes, making it easier to lure out and fight monsters one on one instead of fighting them all at one. (since v1.153)
  • Chances to block melee attacks with a shield are capped at 35% (since v1.116)


  • Total life = 2•Vitcharacter + 2.5•Vititems + 2•clvl + Lifeitems + 18
  • Total mana = 1.5•Magcharacter + 2.5•Magitems + 2•clvl + Manaitems + 3
  • Total armor (since v1.85e)
    • With no armor/leather/mail: Dex/5 + ACitems
    • With plate armor: Dex/5 + ACitems +clvl/2
  • Minimum DFE (cap) = Vitcharacter/2
  • Melee damage resistance = (Rnd[24 + Vitbase/8] + 11 + clvl/4)% (min23,5%max66,5%)
  • Base damage for different weapon combinations (since 1.66a)
    • Sword + Sword: (Dex * clvl) / 100
    • Club + Club: (Str * clvl) / 110
    • Club + Sword or Sword + Club: ((Str + Dex) * clvl) / 300
    • Sword + Shield/empty: (Dex * clvl) / 90
    • Club + Shield/empty: (Str * clvl) / 75
    • (Cross)Bow: (Dex * clvl) / 125
    • Other: ((Str + Dex) * clvl) / 200
  • Critical hits
    • PvM melee: (clvl / 4 + 5)% chance for +300% damage (since v1.185)
    • PvM missile: none (since v1.85)
  • Innate ToHit bonuses in PvM: melee +25% (since v1.101), missile +0% (since v1.65b), spells +40% (since v1.64).

Diablo: The Hell is a free modification of Diablo: Hellfire. It features many minor improvements and bug fixes, which combined greatly enhances the players experience over the original game. If you are thinking about replaying the original Diablo, try Diablo: The Hell instead. Start by reading the getting started guide.

  1. Listed maximum stats are for a level 50 assassin with all her ability points maxed out, and without items or spell effects.
  2. In singleplayer, DFE is also capped at -25 on Horror mode and at -50 on Purgatory mode.