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"Abandon your foolish quest! All that awaits you is the wrath of my master! You are too late to save the child! Now you'll join him -- in Hell!" - Archbishop Lazarus

The Archbishop Lazarus, ambassador for the Zakarum Religion and church, trusted by the people of Khanduras and King Leoric, was the first mortal soul and living creature controlled by the Lord of Terror. In the Diablo game (1997) he is, deep in the dungeon slayed by the hero.


He was a guardian of Mephisto's soulstone in Kurast and became a part of King Leoric's court in the abandoned Cathedral in Tristram. Later on he was deceived by Diablo and lured into the chambers and catacombs of the monastery, where he was demanded to shatter and destroy the soulstone. Lazarus was also the "kidnapper" of prince Albrecht and performed the ritual which gave Diablo his (Albrecht's) body as a physical place for his soul and powers. After completing the dark lord's "transformation", he left the catacombs to start a raid where he tricks the townsfolk down in the monastery to search for Albrecht, only to then be slaughtered by The Butcher. The Archbishop is then focusing his powers to convert and affect the king with advices, spells and words, Lazarus also had implications in the conflict and the war against Westmarch. However Leoric's mind stays dark and poisoned but still resists the powers of darkness and only to find himself defeated, Lazarus then goes deep into the cathedral to seek protection through demons and monsters.

In the games

Lazarus is found in the 15th level of Diablo I (1997). The hero is required to kill him in order to open the pentagram portal to the final level, wherein Diablo rests. Many of his attacks are ranged, magic attacks, and he can teleport around the map.

Archbishop Lazarus
Difficulty Level Health (Diablo/Hellfire) Damage AC To Hit Exp Resistances Location
Single Multi F L M
Archbishop Lazarus
Archbishop Lazarus (Diablo I).gif

Normal 35 300-300 600-600 30-50 0 120 4968 50 50 Immune Dungeons 16
Nightmare 65 950-950 1801-1801/1900-1900 64-104 50 205 11936
Hell 95 1300-1300 2403-2403/2600-2600 126-206 80 240 23872 60 60 Immune