Animals (Diablo I)

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Animals are resistant to club-like weapons and weak against blades.


Rats appear most commonly in the cathedral. They are small, yet dangerous, as they pack a powerful punch.

Unique Scavengers


Bats appear most commonly in the catacombs. They are small, but some varieties have special powers which make them more dangerous. Some, which aren't classified as animals but rather as demons, can even use lightning.

Unique Bats

Spitting Terrors

Spitting Terrors appear slightly larger than rats, and are even more dangerous. They spit bile at their enemies, which damages any hero who stands in it. They can also lunge. Spitting Terrors are most common in the lower catacombs and upper caves, but can appear even in the upper levels of hell.

Unique Spitting Terrors

Horned Demons

Horned Demons are most commonly found in the caves, but can also be found in the upper catacombs. These creatures are most dangerous when they charge at an opponent. They can also be somewhat powerful in hand to hand combat.

Unique Horned Demons