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"Andariel was the only female Evil. She aided the Lesser Evils for many years, but eventually she lost faith in their plots. Two decades ago, she chose to help Diablo during his resurgence and seized the Citadel of the Sightless Eye. Ultimately, she perished at the hands of brave heroes."

Deckard Cain, writing on Andariel(src)

Andariel render 800.png
Title Maiden of Anguish
The Demon Queen
Lady of Hell
Lady of Evil
Gender Female
Affiliation Burning Hells
Relatives Duriel (twin-brother)
Azmodan (brother)
Belial (brother)
Tathamet (father)
Diablo (brother)
Baal (brother)
Mephisto (brother)
Lilith (niece)
Lucion (nephew)
Rathma (grandnephew)
Tyrael (brother-in-law)
Auriel (sister-in-law)
Malthael (brother-in-law)
Itherael (brother-in-law)
Imperius (brother-in-law)
Anu (father-in-law)
Rakanoth (servant and lieutenant)
Status Merged with Diablo's essence
Appearances Diablo II
Diablo III
Articles about Andariel
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Andariel, The Maiden of Anguish, is one of the Lesser Evils. She has to date only appeared in Diablo II as the first act boss, where she was killed. She rules over the Realm of Anguish in the Burning Hells.


The Dark Exile

Spawned from one of the lesser heads of Tathamet, nothing is known of Andariel prior to the events of the Dark Exile when she aided the other Lesser Evils in the civil war against the Prime Evils other than that she was a close ally of Diablo. She greatly enjoyed the humiliation he suffered as the Lesser Evils overthrew him and his brothers[1]. After successfully banishing the Three to Sanctuary, Azmodan secured sovereign rule of Hell for himself and what happened to Andariel is unknown.


As Diablo passed the Eastgate Monastery he summoned Andariel to stand guard there and prevent anyone from crossing into Aranoch from Khanduras. Anticipating that the Three would eventually reclaim Hell with the aid of humanity, she joined him in the hopes of earning his favor. Shortly after coming to Sanctuary she began to corrupt the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye and securing her hold over the countryside. She was eventually defeated by the heroes in pursuit of Diablo.

Current Whereabouts

Andariel has likely been banished to the Abyss like the Prime Evils after her. She does not make an appearance in Diablo 3, but she is one of the seven demons who are sealed inside the Black Soulstone, used to subsequently reform Diablo as the Prime Evil.

Physical Appearance

Andariel is the only Great Evil with a feminine appearance, though it is grotesque with three-joint legs and four appendages similar to scorpion tails extending from her back. Her long red hair is also always seen as standing up rather than falling down.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike her brothers Duriel, Azmodan, and Belial, Andariel relishes in emotional and mental torment rather than physical pain. She is described as being in a state of constant ecstasy, but requires others to inflict anguish upon in order to sustain herself. She is thus constantly on the move and detests isolation.[2]


Andariel was previously known as the daughter of Tathamet and aunt of Lilith, however with the release of the Book of Cain this has been changed with the inclusion of Tathamet into the lore as the source from which all Great Evils originate.[3]



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