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The Amazon

This powerful woman warrior belongs to nomadic bands who roam the plains near the South Sea. The wandering of these groups often brings them into conflict with other peoples, so the Amazon is accustomed to fighting to defend her own. This lifestyle has made her fiercely independent and able to weather severe hardship and travel. While her skill with the Bow rivals that of the Rogues, the Amazon is also adept in the use of Spears and Javelins, as well as in hand to hand combat. Amazon Weapons are items which only Amazons can equip. These are special Bows, Javelins and Spears. The Amazon is much sought after as a mercenary, in which type of service she will be loyal as long as her own ends are also served.

The Amazon in Eastern Sun gets a full work up for her skills, becoming more versatile than ever. She has better balanced starting and continual stat allocation. Her Spear and Javelin skill tree now allows almost all melee and throwing weapons. She has also gained new skills for each tree, like Dance of Death and Legendary Arrow.


The Amazons are women warriors who hail from a group of islands in the Twin Seas, near the border of the Great Ocean. Only the permanently snow-covered peak of Mount Karcheus breaks the expanses of lush forests on the islands.

The Amazon people are a relatively isolated culture. Adapting over the centuries to their tropical milieu, they have built magnificent cities in the forest canopy. These cities are an architectural phenomenon and a source of great pride to the Amazon people. They do not follow the teachings of the Zakarum, but instead practice a polytheistic religion that adheres to the strict principles of Order. Their oracles long ago predicted the Dark Exile, and they have been preparing to combat it ever since. Amazons regard the destruction of the Three Prime Evils as their destiny, ushering in a new era when mortal men and women can at long last take their rightful place in the universe, no longer merely playthings for the beings of the Outer Realms.

The Amazons are a seafaring people, one of the first to have made trade contact with both the Kingdoms of the West and with Kejhistan in the East. Their prominence in the world's trade establishment has afforded their warriors the reputation they currently enjoy as cunning strategists and skilled combatants. They are much sought after as mercenaries, being both expert soldiers as well as extremely loyal - as long as the assignment does not conflict with their strict sense of ethics.

Their pantheon of gods consists of a well-defined hierarchy, each member upholding some segment of the balance of Order. It is this strong sense of order that drives the Amazon people to achieve greatness in even the smallest of their endeavors. Their prime deity is Athulua who, with her consort, Kethryes, rules over the seasons and the weather. Under these Goddesses are a wide assortment of lesser deities, each responsible for his or her own sphere of influence among the Amazon people's daily life. The Amazons believe this pantheon is the remnant of the original inhabitants that settled the islands centuries ago. According to ancient records, they share the same names as these gods, although aspects of their personalities seem to have evolved over the centuries.

In the Amazon culture, only the women serve as warriors, their intrinsic superior dexterity and lithe body structures are better suited to combat in the dense rainforest environs of the islands. Their society is far from stratified, however, as men are responsible for any number of positions in the community, government, and clergy, as well as merchant and agricultural occupations.

While more than competent in hand-to-hand combat, training in the jungles of her native islands has shaped the Amazon's skill with the bow and missile weapons into one of unparalleled excellence. With the bow, her only rivals are the Sisters of the Sightless Eye. But, unlike her sisters in arms, the Amazon is also highly adept in the use of spears and other thrown weapons. The powers they possess are a combination of Prime magic, Holy magic and ingenious weapon construction.

Amazon Skills

Bow and Crossbow Skills Passive and Magic Skills Javelin and Spear Skills
Level 1 Magic Arrow, Cold Arrow Petrify, Critical Strike, Frost Nova Jab, Fire Strike
Level 6 Immolation Arrow, Multiple Shot Inner Sight, Sway Fend, Pyre Javelin
Level 12 Freezing Arrow, Poison Arrow Slow Missiles, Dodge Viper Bite, Plague Javelin
Level 18 Exploding Arrow, Guided Arrow Decoy, Penetrate, Fire Wall Lightning Strike
Level 24 Legendary Arrow, Lightning Arrow Shadow Strike, Frost Javelin
Level 30 Strafe Eagle Eye, Valkyrie, Pierce Dance of Death, Lightning Fury
  • Skills and their links need to be updated to reflect Eastern Sun values.


Strength Dexterity Vitality Energy Walk Speed Run Speed Stamina Drain Life /Level Stamina /Level Mana /Level Life /Vitality Stamina /Vitality Mana /Energy
ES 3.00 R6D 25 30 25 20 7 10 20 8 0.5 2 2 1 2
ES 3.00 R 25 30 25 20 7 11 28 3 0.5 2 3 1 2
ES 3.00 N 25 30 20 15 7 10 28 3 0.5 2 2.5 1 2.5
Unmodded LoD 20 25 20 15 6 9 20 2 1 1.5 3 1 1.5

In-game Speech

In Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, characters can be heard saying things when they reach certain areas or initiate scripted events. The following information is a list of one-liners made by the Amazon.

Act I

(upon entering the Blood Moor): "I shall purge this land of the shadow."

(upon entering the Den of Evil (area)): " I hear foul creatures about.”

(upon clearing the Den of Evil (area)): " Perhaps now the sisters will trust me."

(upon entering the Burial Grounds): " I sense great sorrow and misery."

(upon killing Blood Raven): ”Rest in peace, sister.”

(upon touching the Cairn Stones): " Theses stones serve some magical purpose."

(upon touching the Tree of Inifuss): " What a strange looking tree."

(upon reaching Tristram): " It's as if a great war were fought here."

(upon freeing Deckard Cain): "Deckard Cain , go to the rogues' camp without delay!

(upon entering the Forgotten Tower: " What's that smell?"

(upon killing The Countess): ” Ahh, the Tower's trove for the taking!”’’

(upon entering the Monastery Gate): "So, this is the site of Andariel's atrocities."

(upon reclaiming the Horadric Malus): "The sisters will be glad to have this back.."

(upon entering the Jail): " What nightmarish tortures took place here?"

(upon entering the Catacombs): " This place is eerie.”

(upon defeating Andariel): " Hah, this maiden shall inflict no more anguish."

Act II

(upon killing Radament): " Atma has been avenged."

(upon entering the Claw Viper Temple): " I hope I know what I'm doing…”

(upon shattering the Tainted Sun Altar): " Let there be light."

(upon entering the Arcane Sanctuary): "Am I the first to find this Arcane fortress? "

(upon killing The Summoner): " Good riddance, freak!"

(after talking with Tyrael): " This is not good. Will this madness ever end?"


(upon obtaining the Jade Figurine): " What would this bring from the right buyer?"

(upon obtaining The Gidbinn): " This dagger will separate the faithful from the fallen.”

(upon obtaining Lam Esen's Tome): " All this trouble over a tattered book."

(after defeating the High Council of Zakarum): " Ahh, Skatsim's reign is renewed."

(after killing Mephisto): " Haha, success. But still, there's something not right."

Act IV

(upon defeating Izual): " Goodbye, Izual.”

(after slaying Diablo): "Reign of Terror has ended."

Act V (expansion only)

(upon entering the Bloody Foothills): " The siege must be stopped."

(after slaying Shenk the Overseer): " Oops…did I do that? "

(upon freeing the last soldiers in the Frigid Highlands): "Follow me."

(upon entering Nihlathak's Temple): " Oh, Nihlathak's home away from home."

(after defeating Nihlathak): " Conspiring with Baal, what a tragic mistake."

(upon reaching the Arreat Summit): " The fabled home of the Ancients."

(upon entering the Worldstone Chamber): " The Worldstone!"

(after slaying Baal): " My work here is truly done."