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Albrecht Screenshot (Diablo I).png
Title Crown Prince of Khanduras
Prince of Khanduras
Gender Male
Affiliation Khanduras
Relatives Leoric (father)
Asylla (mother)
Aidan (older brother)
Leah (niece)
Status Deceased
Appearances Diablo I

Albrecht was the youngest son of Leoric and Asylla and a prince of Khanduras. During the events of Diablo I when Diablo failed to possess Leoric he instead turned to Albrecht. On Diablo's command Lazarus kidnapped the boy and brought him down under the Cathedral in Tristram to Diablo's soulstone. The disappearance of Albrecht, coupled with Leoric's already frail mind from having battled Diablo's possession over five years, was what caused Leoric to harass and execute his own people and subsequently caused Lachdanan to kill him.

Albrecht was only the host of Diablo for a very short time until his older brother Aidan battled and defeated Diablo at the end of Diablo I.