A Reputation Restored

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A Reputation Restored
Weaponsmith Portrait.png
Help Kyr the Weaponsmith kill Dargon and his master.
ActAct I
LocationHighlands Passage
TriggerKyr the Weaponsmith
Gold235 Gold.png
  • Kill Dargon and the Deranged Cultist
  • Talk to Kyr the Weaponsmith

A Reputation Restored is an event quest in Act I. It has a chance to spawn in Highlands Passage. The event is triggered by interacting with Kyr the Weaponsmith.


Weaponsmith Portrait.png
Kyr the Weaponsmith
Fools... Did they not think I know how to use the weapons I make? No one dishonors a deal with me and lives.
I will make an example of Dargon, that traitorous cur. Help me hunt him, and I will sell to you instead of those zealots!
Unknown Portrait.pngDargonMaster, help me; the crazed weapon maker wants my head!
Fool, what makes you think I care for your life? Kill them, my pets.Unknown Portrait.pngDeranged Cultist
Weaponsmith Portrait.png
Kyr the Weaponsmith
Now that Dargon is dead, no one shall question my reputation or my resolve. Now, to my goods. You'll find none better!

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