A Quick Study

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A Quick Study
A Quick Study.png
Read the following People lore books in Act I.
TypeCampaign > Act I
Achievement Series

A Quick Study is a Campaign Achievement which requires collecting all 43 People lore books in Act I.

Lore books

Lore Location Source Quest requirement
Adria's Journal Adria's Hut Adria The Legacy of Cain, after killing Captain Daltyn
Lachdanan's Scroll, Part 1 Cathedral Level 1
Cathedral Level 2
Cathedral Level 3
Cathedral Level 4
Scribe's Lectern
Lachdanan's Scroll, Part 2
Lachdanan's Scroll, Part 3
Lachdanan's Scroll, Part 4
Lachdanan's Scroll, Part 5
Leah's Journal, Part 1 Leah's Room Leah's Book The Fallen Star
Leah's Journal, Part 2 The Legacy of Cain, before entering the Cathedral
Leah's Journal, Part 3 A Shattered Crown
Leah's Journal, Part 4 Sword of the Stranger
Leah's Journal, Part 5 The Broken Blade
Leah's Journal, Part 6 The Doom in Wortham, after speaking to Tyrael
Leah's Journal, Part 7 Trailing the Coven
Leoric's Journal, Part 1 The Royal Crypts Scribe's Lectern Reign of the Black King
Leoric's Journal, Part 2
Leoric's Journal, Part 3 Halls of Agony Level 1
Halls of Agony Level 2
Halls of Agony Level 3
Leoric's Journal, Part 4
Leoric's Journal, Part 5
Farmer's Journal Sheltered Cottage (Fields of Misery) Bag (or Swickard's Corpse)
Scabbard of Talic the Defender Watch Tower Level 2 Vendel the Armorsmith The Scavenged Scabbard
Deckard Cain's Journal, Part 1 Cain's House Book The Fallen Star, after talking to Leah the first time
Deckard Cain's Journal, Part 2 Sword of the Stranger, after starting quest
Adenah's Jottings House of Curios (Lonely Dwelling, Fields of Misery) Adenah's Jottings Possibly Sword of the Stranger
Hermit's Ravings Caverns of Araneae Dusty Bag Trailing the Coven
A Prisoner's Journal Halls of Agony Level 2 Tormented Behemoth A Stranger In Need
Queen Asylla's Journal Queen Asylla's Room (The Cursed Hold) Queen Asylla's Chest
Scoundrel's Journal Fields of Misery, on the way to The Old Mill Stolen Sack The Broken Blade
Kingsport Bill Scoundrel, after the conversation "Lyndon's Origins" Only received if the Scoundrel is not your Follower
The Skeleton King Crypt of the Skeleton King Skeleton King Reign of the Black King
Wandering Tinker's Diary Tinker's Hovel (Sheltered Cottage, Fields of Misery) Tinker's Possessions The Broken Blade
Notes of Urik the Seer, Part 1 Cave of the Moon Clan Urik's Satchel
Notes of Urik the Seer, Part 2
Notes of Urik the Seer, Part 3
Priest's Contemplations, Part 1 Wortham Priest's Satchel The Doom in Wortham
Priest's Contemplations, Part 2
Mira's Letter to Haedrig New Tristram (near the Blacksmith) Blacksmith's Belongings Reign of the Black King
Cain's Old Journal, Part 1 Old Tristram Road
The Old Ruins
Old Keepsake Box Preferably during The Fallen Star
Cain's Old Journal, Part 2
Gillian's Diary, Part 1
Gillian's Diary, Part 2
Lost Journal
Old Diary
Despina's Journal